Travel Tip of the Day Archive

1. Be careful of how you interpret “free wifi.” A hotel might have wifi in a lounge, and maybe if you stand on a table in the corner of your room and wait twenty minutes, you’ll be able to load a webpage in your room as well.

2. Bread and water might not be free at a restaurant. Just because they bring you these things and don’t say anything doesn’t mean you won’t be expected to pay $2.00 for a piece of bread and some butter. It’s best to ask.

3.  If you struggle with impulse purchases, consider carrying a padlock and (discretely) placing your wallet into your backpack and literally locking it up when youstroll down those iconic (but pricey) streets. Yes, you will know the combination and be able to unlock it, but it will force you to commit to saving your money and force you to think through your purchase while you take the extra step of unlocking it.


5 thoughts on “Travel Tip of the Day Archive

  1. Right now I’m in high school and I plan to study abroad when I head off to college. I really like that you took the time to write tips on things you wouldn’t think about when traveling. Do you have any tips for when it comes to choosing a study abroad program?


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