Hi there! My (pen)name is Daisy Phoenix, and I originally started this blog when I studied abroad in Europe my junior year of college. I soon found that not only was I traveling the world, but I was also connecting with people all over the world through my blog.

After I returned to the US for my senior year, I put the blog on hold to focus on my goals for my senior year of college and my freshman year of the real world. But in the back of my mind, I was always wondering if there was a way to combine my loves for travel and blogging with my other passion – computer programming.

Whenever I explore a new city, I feel the need to plan everything out beforehand, researching the main attractions in the city and working out the schedule that will allow me to experience as much as possible in my short visit. I turn making travel plans into this whole crazy puzzle and will not stop until I my itinerary is perfect (or until I drive my friends crazy).

But I began to realize that my travel planning was a very methodological process – similar to the way I write computer algorithms. I began working on an algorithm would first conduct thorough research on a city, select attractions based on their historical/cultural significance, price, and reviews, and then produce a travel plan based on the attractions’ proximities to one another. I hope that the algorithms I have designed will help my fellow travelers to truly make the most out of their adventure in each city they choose to explore.

~~ Daisy