I decided to start a new section where I give tips on how to take the perfect Instagram photo at different locations and feature examples.  This is just for fun!  As there is a lot of pressure to put forward a perfected version of reality in order to get likes on social media, I wanted to preface this post by clarifying my intent. I personally usually go for the quick goofy-face selfie if I’m posting something to Instagram, and in no way do I mean to imply that there’s anything wrong with doing so.

If you’re visiting Dijon in Burgundy, France, be sure to check out the Jardin Darcy.

I hope you enjoy these tips for travel photographers.

What to wear:

Candy apple red! – The contrast with the bright aqua water is amazing.

Or go burgundy for a season spin in the fall and winter. Pun completely intended.

Bonus points if leaves just happen to fall in a way that perfectly completes the composition of the photo. Or if you have friends that love you enough to throw leaves at you until you get the perfect picture.

Although white can look very sleek, especially in the summer:

How to pose:

If you manage to cross your legs and flip your hair in a way that fits perfectly with the architecture, a la Brune Chocolat, you will probably get a kajillion likes as well.

Or utilize the little square in the center front (use the crop tool to make sure everything is perfectly aligned after taking this picture).


But what matters most is that you show your joy!

Behind the Camera (Or Phone)

And if you’d rather stay behind the camera for a few snaps, you won’t run out of options.

Check out this composition:

No shame in photoshopping the sky if it looks this good:

Try to make use of lines and patterns:


Or get creative with depth of field like Gaëlle:

Or stick with the classic that is all over the Jardin Darcy Instagram page for a reason. Here are my favorite takes on the classic:

If all else fails, just do this. Results may vary. Tremendously.