Wondering what it would be like to live in Argentina? Whether you’re considering studying abroad or looking for inspiration for your own travel blog, these bloggers give their readers a great glimpse into Argentine life.

1. Rachel B. Overseas

2. Señor Clorg en Argentina

3. Emma Catherine Himes

She also has a really cool projects section that’s not directly related to travel.

4. Rachel Chiu

Fun posts like “That one time we went to an Argentine birthing class“!

5. Go Chango!

The about section explains the title. At first I thought the title of the blog was pronounced 90sfont (90s WordArt font added for emphasis) and that it was a hilarious attempt at saying “I’m totally going to find myself through travel, although nobody really knows what exactly ‘finding myself’ means anyway” in Spanish. It’s not. And you should read it.

6. Bonus: Photographer Christophe Gentry’s Argentina Trip

Argentina - December 2015

His blog doesn’t have a section dedicated to Argentina, but if you plan on taking any pictures in Argentina (you definitely should), you’d be a fool not to check out this post for inspiration. Also his photograph is the cover photo for this post.




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