Hey there! I’m an American college student living out my dream of studying abroad and seeing the world. I’ve always been fascinated by other countries and cultures. And by “always been fascinated” I mean that when I was three years old I memorized half the countries on the globe.

Because so many European countries are just a short and relatively cheap train ride away from each other, studying abroad in Europe provides American college students with the opportunity to see much more of the world than they otherwise could. I’ve yearned for this experience for so long, and I really want to use my blog to pave a path for other people who are looking to see the world on a limited budget.

When I started researching side trips I was surprised at the lack of sites aimed at college students studying abroad. I wanted to start a blog where I recorded my itineraries so that other college students wouldn’t have to go through the same hassles of planning (unless they’re like me and for some reason want to).

Please keep in mind that I’m just one person – I realized after I picked it the at the title of my blog might sound a little misleading. I will try my very best to give good tips but if you have your own that you want to add, please feel more than free to message me so I can include them.

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  1. Studying abroad will change your life. I did my masters degree at the University of Cairo in Egypt. That’s where I met an Australian diplomat. He became a wonderful friend and four years later we married. Thanks for the like on my travel blog.


  2. To The College Girl’s Guide To Study Abroad:


    My name is Susan Xu and I am the content manager and chief writer at Clapway, a New York based multi-platform company that houses an extensive collection of articles, videos, and marketplace services with a focus on adventure and travel. I came across your travel blog and really enjoyed your posts. Would you potentially be interested in writing for Clapway as a contributor? If so, please email me back at sx@clapway.com. We would love to feature your work.


    Susan Xu
    Content Manager at Clapway
    195 Plymouth St #6/17
    Brooklyn, NY 11201


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