Merry Christmas! I would like to write a post on Christmas celebrations around the world, which will consist of “reblogs” from around the world. I am hoping that this post will allow my readers to learn about Christmas in other countries and help them discover new travel blogs to follow.

How: Unfortunately, I cannot technically reblog from multiple sites at once, and so I will need to copy and paste a bit of the content if you want to be included. I will feature at least one photo from each original, as while as the beginning of the original post, accompanied by a link to the original post and blog. I will be searching through WordPress for posts and contacting certain bloggers, but if you want to be included, please please please comment on this post (or any other post on my blog) or send me a message (preferably tomorrow) at: collegegirlsguidetostudyabroad at the one and only Screenshot 2014-12-24 21.00.34.

Who/What: I am looking for posts that describe Christmas customs around the world. If you want to be featured you can write about one of the following:

  1. Christmas celebrations in a country where you are currently studying/working abroad.  
  2. Christmas celebrations in a country where you or your family members grew up. 

Some ideas (PLEASE don’t feel limited by these or pressured to include any of them): Does your country have a Santa Clause type figure? How do people decorate for christmas? What do people eat for Christmas? When is Christmas celebrated? Do most people go to Church/Is Christmas considered more cultural or religious? Has your country celebrated Christmas for centuries, or only more recently? 

PHOTOGRAPHS are always awesome!


*If you are an American AND writing about American Christmas customs, please write about customs specific to your region.

*If your post is not selected that doesn’t mean it’s not amazing. I’m trying to feature posts that are similar to each other in style, but feature different countries/regions. If you are not selected I will make a note and try to feature your blog in a different post.

*I am probably only reblogging from posts that were originally written in English. If you’re multilingual and blog in another language, but would like to share your culture on The College Girl’s Guide to Study Abroad, please let me know and I’ll try really hard to figure something out (especially if you wouldn’t mind if I posted a translation). If I get enough submissions, I would absolutely love to do a version in Spanish or French. 🙂