Regardless of what the latest fashion trend is, some clothes will always look better in certain cities. Wearing fifty shades of gray may give you an aura of monochromatic sophistication on the concrete streets of New York City, but it would make you look like an awkward color vacuum underneath the Honolulu sunshine. Traveling is a chance to take photographs in unique locations, and an outfit that perfectly complements your surroundings can turn those photographs into treasures. Below are ideas for clothing that would look great in pictures taken in Lisbon, Portugal.

1. A sultry yellow dress.

Photo Goal:

Side note: If you’re super pale like me, you may want to edit your skin tone a bit in photos where you’re wearing yellow.

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2. A flowy white dress – a rightful staple of any wardrobe.

Photo Goals, Tower at Pena Palace:

Columns, also at Pena Palace:

This versatile piece would also look great at Castelo de S. Jorge:

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3. Something bright and blue for Monserrate Palace

… and something borrowed and something new if you’re planning a destination wedding.

Photo Goal:

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4. A bold and sleek piece perfectly between burgundy and purple that will pop against all those columns.

Photo Goals:

Jeronimos Monastery

This color also looks great as a casual tee, especially against Lisbon’s famous blue tiles:

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5. A red dress with details that will add a little magic to any photograph.

Photo Goal:

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