The Frauenkirche in Munich is an incredible example of Gothic Architecture. But the Church is not boxed into this style, and it’s domes are modeled after the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, Israel.


At first glance it seems like that was quite an unsuccessful homage, but if you look closer,  the Frauenkirche domes could totally be the Dome of the Rock’s European cousins. The domes are clearly a German architectural interpretation, and I like this approach far more then the sheer imitation seen reflected in Munich’s Arc de Triomphe Siegestor.

frauenkirche vs dome of the rock.png

Despite it’s cool architecture, Frauenkirche is most famous for containing a footprint rumored to be that of the devil (or a builder with a devilishly brilliant marketing acumen). Also, taking a pic with your foot in it makes for a photograph with a pretty cool backstory.